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My class was Barbie was wonderful. Not only is she grounded in her spiritual pep talk, it seems she has cleared the negative judgment that some other yoga instructors haven’t […] Barbie is never negative, and that has my full respect […] I love how Barbie was spotting me and adjusting me so I can do a move correctly. If I’m a beginner, I don’t want to be practicing the wrong alignment from the get-go and have that become a habit. So, her guidance was very welcomed. She even guessed/intuited that I am wanting to do a splits in the air (in the future, not now!), and gave me advice about how to eventually attain that in a certain move. DAMN! SPOT-ON INTUITION!! —Amy W. via Yelp

I sustained a mild herniation in my low back. Ever since, yoga has been painful for me. I’ve many different classes over the years, and always finished them in more pain than I started them. Until now. Barbie’s class is amazing. My back feels so good afterward (so does the rest of me). After she became a yoga instructor, she injured her back and had to modify her yoga practice. Now, she offers this class for us folks with back pain, using the modifications she learned to do. […] She’s very knowledgeable and approachable. Come take her class! —Jessica M. via Yelp

I love Barbie’s morning boot camp classes…she’s excellent at challenging students while providing helpful adjustments/advice/pre-yoga inspiration—Megan K. via Yelp

I really like taking Vinyasa Flow classes with Barbie Lev when she subs here. —Dharam D. via Yelp

Go to Barbie if you love to learn new stuff! Barbie has a background in fitness beyond yoga. She will talk you through improving your poses, taking them to the next level, and explain what is going on in your body while you work on your asanas. She also teaches a lot of different breathing exercises. Stuff you don’t get introduced to otherwise. —Kimberly B. via Yelp

Photo Published in the San Francisco Chronicle

One of my Instagram photos was published in the San Francisco Chronicle. On a drizzly Wednesday at Fort Funston the fog was so thick that I lost track of the path that leads down the sandy log-and-cable staircase, and my dog Foxy and I ended up farther down the beach than we normally go. The beach was deserted, so these pier remnants seemed especially eerie as they emerged from the mist. Foxy took a break from scampering paw-print-sine-waves in and out of the surf just long enough for me to snap this photo. I quickly took a second snapshot for good measure, but by then she’d snapped up her Frisbee and was just a blur of orange fur streaking out of the frame.

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“Asanas: Special Requests” in FitLife BC Magazine

Some yoga poses and stretches feel so good in the moment, but may do more harm than good in the long run. This article will help yoga teachers interpret special requests from students and offer poses that truly serve their bodies.

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(page 21, id: fitness / password: fitness)

“Holistic Healing” in Golden Gate XPress Magazine

This article outlines the benifits of holistic healing, including yoga, and features photos from a class I taught at Yoga Tree Mission in March 2012. Maybe you’ll see yourself in one of the class shots!

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