Yoga with Therapy Ball Massage: Lower Back, Upper Back, and Neck

Sat, Oct 11th, 2-4pm at Thriveability.
Does no amount of stretching release the tension from your lower and upper back? Maybe that’s because you need to be doing more than stretching. This workshop enacts a three-part approach to unlock stiff and stuck muscles. Often, tight back muscles are too weak to support movement, so harden to protect the body. To bring circulation, pliability, and function back into these muscles, we will move through poses to actively contract and then lengthen them. We will use therapy ball massage to break apart “cobwebs” that prevent muscle fibers from sliding smoothly. Not only will we stretch the primed-and-ready back muscles, we’ll also stretch the hip and shoulder muscles that affect the spine. You’ll leave feeling mobilized, refreshed, and with the knowledge to continue maintaining a supple, healthy back.

About Barbie: Barbie has over five years experience teaching yoga. She promotes joy and presence in her classes by making them challenging but achievable; entertaining but uncomplicated; and accessible (not too much Sanskrit!) without losing touch with tradition. Her academic background is complemented by the spiritual nature of her yoga teacher trainings, making her uniquely qualified to host yoga classes that promote harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. More about Barbie >>

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