Yoga For Cyclists

Mission Cliffs, Sunday, May 4th, 1:30-3:30pm. Tight hips and hamstrings? Sore quads? Tired back and neck? If you cycle for fitness, competitively, or as part of a sport, this workshop is for you. Yoga for Cyclists aims to undo body imbalances caused by the repetitive strain of cycling. This workshop will bend you in all the opposite directions that your regular workout does to address the typical muscle imbalances of cyclists, and give you the tools to keep your body supple enough to keep doing what you love for years to come. We will do some work on strength and stamina, but our main focus will be on improving flexibility and mobility. We will also incorporate practices that teach you to breathe deeper and more efficiently, and and we’ll reinforce strategies for remaining mentally focused through physical and psychological challenge. Cost: $20.

Yoga AWAKEN Bootcamp

Thriveability, May 5 – May 30, 2014, Mon – Fri, 6-7am. 

Join Barbie and Eunice for the invigorating 4-week Yoga Awaken Boot Camp to reinvigorate you for Spring! It’s time to cultivate space for awareness, to refocus your intentions, and to float and fly into inversions and arm balances. Yoga Awaken Boot Camp is an East-meets-West, science-meets-tradition program that employs interval training, core work, strength training, flowing yoga. This May’s Boot Camp will also incorporate meditation and inward focus for added mental and physical benefit. In this transformative 4-week series you will shed stagnant habits and patterns and progressively develop the strength, stability, stamina, and flexibility to explore poses you never thought possible. You’ll be amazed at how the discipline, focus, and momentum you cultivate during class will permeate throughout the rest of your day and enliven your life. Cost: $350. Sign up now >>

Yoga with Therapy Ball Massage: Lower Back, Upper Back, and Neck

Sat May 17th, 1:30-3:30pm at Yoga MayuCost: $30 / Early Bird: $25
Sat Aug 2nd at Thriveability.
Does no amount of stretching release the tension from your lower and upper back? Maybe that’s because you need to be doing more than stretching. This workshop enacts a three-part approach to unlock stiff and stuck muscles. Often, tight back muscles are too weak to support movement, so harden to protect the body. To bring circulation, pliability, and function back into these muscles, we will move through poses to actively contract and then lengthen them. We will use therapy ball massage to break apart “cobwebs” that prevent muscle fibers from sliding smoothly. Not only will we stretch the primed-and-ready back muscles, we’ll also stretch the hip and shoulder muscles that affect the spine. You’ll leave feeling mobilized, refreshed, and with the knowledge to continue maintaining a supple, healthy back.

Yoga For Low Back Care

Thriveability. Sat, June 28th. Yoga is supposed to be good for your back, right? Only if you’re practicing with healthy alignment. In this workshop we’ll move through a sequence of “low back candy” poses that provide release and relief, and we’ll address common mis-alignments that can aggravate this injury-prone area. We will also go over ways you can modify your practice in your regular classes if you’re already experiencing low back pain. You’ll leave with the tools you need to sustain your yoga practice for many years to come.

Yoga with Therapy Ball Massage: Shoulders, Forearms, and Wrists

Sat June 14th, 1:30-3:30pm at Yoga Mayu. When we spend our days typing, texting, driving, cycling, or holding babies our shoulders, forearms, and wrists bear the brunt. In this workshop, we will strengthen, stretch, and knead out the whole interconnected chain that runs from the upper back and chest to the finger tips. You’ll be amazed to feel first hand how your chest muscles affect your shoulders, how your shoulders affect your elbows, how your elbows affect your wrists and hands, and vice versa! The self-massage will open parts of the muscles that may be inaccessible though stretching alone. We will perform strength-focused postures to bring kinked and slumped areas back into alignment. These two practices will set up the muscles to stretch in a healthier, more balanced way than ever before. Cost: $30 / Early Bird: $25

Yoga with Therapy Ball Massage: Hips, Thighs, and Feet

Sat July 26th, 1:30-3:30pm at Yoga Mayu. Doing the activities that we love–be it running, cycling, or even playing video games–can do a number on our hips, thighs, and feet. When our foundation is out of balance, the effects can be felt all the way up into the low back, shoulders, and neck. In this workshop, we’ll use therapy ball massage and yoga poses to knead and stretch the soreness out of tired feet, to lengthen tight thigh muscles, and to unlock stuck hips. Therapy ball massage sets up the muscles to slide smoothly and stretch evenly. We will do strength-oriented poses to target typically weak hip, leg, and got muscles to bring these areas back into balance. Once the body is primed, we will stretch and extend the muscles to release any remaining tension. Cost $30 / Early Bird: $25.


About Barbie: Barbie has over five years experience teaching yoga. She promotes joy and presence in her classes by making them challenging but achievable; entertaining but uncomplicated; and accessible (not too much Sanskrit!) without losing touch with tradition. Her academic background is complemented by the spiritual nature of her yoga teacher trainings, making her uniquely qualified to host yoga classes that promote harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. More about Barbie >>

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