Happy (Belated) Mothers Day!

As a mother, I’ve developed a new appreciation for teachers who allow students to join class late; babies sometimes have very different timelines than their parents. True to form, I’m acknowledging Mothers Day a little late, but I think most mothers are happy to accept a little appreciation any day of the year. Here’s an excerpt from a call to end mommy wars I recently wrote for Inner Fire:

Let us celebrate motherhood this year by putting inane mommy wars to rest. Too often we shame, blame, and criticize other mothers in the name of championing what is best for their children, all while disregarding that tearing down another woman is never in the best interest of her family.

Instead of getting distracted by petty arguments, let us begin a dialog about how we can elevate one another: How can we stand for each other? How can we empower our daughters? How can we change the world for them so that if they become mothers, they have the support, education, and resources to make the best choices for themselves and for their families?

Happy mothers day, mamas! Please read the rest of the article over at Inner Fire>>