Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Day 6: Asana

On day six, we went over some advanced postures, including wheel, feathered peacock, and handstand.

After going over energetic lines and spirals the previous day, the instructions for these postures were so much more intuitive than they were before. In wheel, just like in bridge or camel, you draw your chest bone and tail bone in opposite directions, cup the shoulder blades under the back, and internally spiralling the thighs. In handstand, you root and extend in opposite directions through the hands and feet, internally rotating the thighs, just like in mountain pose with the arms raised. You externally spiral the arms (think armpits toward the face; it’s counterintuitive when your arms are in this position), draw the shoulder blades toward the hips, and draw the front rib cage toward the navel, just like in downward facing dog. We went over some specific progressions to build up to these advanced postures, but I’ll put a push pin in those and save them for future posts.

This post is part of a series describing my experience with the first module of my advanced yoga teacher training (RYT500).
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
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