Personal Spring Cleaning

I’ve been particularly motivated to do some spring cleaning this year because my toddler finds new, undesirable ways to interact with clutter on a daily basis. The less I have the less I have to childproof. With how hectic motherhood is it’s hard to find the time! Similarly, it’s hard to find the time for self-care, meditation, and introspection; i.e., personal spring cleaning. I recently wrote an article for Inner Fire about how important it is to take out the trash. Here’s an excerpt:

Intuitively, we know what in our lives is just trash that’s taking up space: It’s the stuff we hold onto just in case we come up with a use for it later in life; it’s the mementos we never look at; it’s the ingrained habits that no longer serve us. It’s just trash, nothing more. Today, I challenge you to let go of one of the old pieces of trash taking up space in your life, abruptly and without ceremony. Take it to the curb and do not look back.

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