2 Weeks Pregnant: Conception

June 29 – July 5 : 2 Weeks 0 Days – 2 Weeks 6 Days.


We conceived while in the process of closing on our new home. So many changes at once!

Since most women ovulate two weeks after their last period started, at conception we are considered two weeks pregnant (regardless of when an individual woman’s last period actually occurred). Counting back from the estimate of the baby’s age we got via an ultrasound at week ten, we must have conceived around June 29th or 30th, which was a stressful week. My husband and I had spent three months looking for a house, and were elated when a bid we made was accepted on June 25th. However, the competitive two-week closing period we’d committed to had us on edge. If anything was delayed we might have lost the house and our deposit, so we were at the beck and call of our lender, escrow company, and real estate agent to sign, date and wire on command.

The plan was to stop not-trying to get pregnant once we officially closed on the house on July 10th. I guess our stress and excitement about maybe, probably, almost having a new home manifested as us not not trying a little early. I always had a nagging feeling that I would have a hard time conceiving and that it would take a long time, so it blindsided me when I found out I was pregnant less than two weeks after successfully closing on our house. If you’re thinking of starting to try, know that it really can go either way—be ready accept, embrace, and run with anything!